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Party Format?

Our ‘Karts 4 Kids Party’ is designed to entertain all the children attending from start to finish. Before anything starts we sit all the children down and give them a safety talk and our trained staff are on hand throughout the party to give any help required. Children usually have 3 – 4 rides on the go-karts, depending on their age and ability. The karts are suitable for children aged 4 – 10 years although the upper limit is more to do with the child’s size and we would recommend children should be a maximum of 4ft 9inches in height.

We recommend a maximum of 16 children for a 1 hour party. If you need to bring more children then we can increase this to a maximum of 24 children but will need to increase the duration of the party to 1.5 hours. If you wish to invite more than these numbers, you need to remember that this will reduce the amount of time each child will have driving the karts.

 The go-kart speed is set according to the age and ability of the child driving. We try and let all the children have at least three drives on the track and if there is time we try and squeeze in one more drive.

1st drive The children will be really excited but probably a little nervous as well. We start them off slowly so that they can get used to the go-kart and the track layout; a few laps of the track will build up their confidence in leaps and bounds.

2nd drive We like to call this their ‘Graduation’ drive. It’s a bit more challenging as we try and get the children to manoeuvre around some safety cones. Depending on the age of the child we can make this harder with the use of special props. It’s amazing to see the level of concentration on their faces even at such a young age.

3rd drive It’s time to get faster! This is what all the kids love and when the Marshalls give them this extra speed, they love it. Of course, with the extra speed comes extra responsibility. Marshalls keep a vigilant eye on all the drivers with safety always being at the forefront.

4th drive Hopefully we can squeeze in a fourth drive and if so we always try and get the kids to have a race of some kind. With the cheers from the crowd and the extra speed, seeing the chequered flag waving as you go under the winning Grand Prix arch always bring a smile to their faces.

Now the racing is done we sit with the children to go through their activity sheets (this is their ‘Driving Theory Test’) which they would have completed whilst waiting for their drive. All the children pass their driving test and are awarded a personalised safe drivers certificate / driving license.

Of course the birthday child will receive an extra special bespoke ‘Karts 4 Kids Trophy’. Then its back to the track for a few more laps for the Birthday child. We get the parents and children cheering and clapping; the atmosphere is amazing and the birthday child has now just had the ‘Best Party Ever!’

Finally, we bring back all the kids on to the track under the grand prix style arch and let the parents take some photos for the trusted scrapbook.

It’s then over to Mum & Dad for party food and cake.