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How safe is a ‘Karts 4 Kids’?

We have been fully trained by Pacer Leisure Ltd and safety is of paramount importance. We will instruct the children at the party on safety and the speed of the karts can be matched to the ability of the child. The karts can be set between 1mph and 6 mph, they are fitted with safety harnesses, regenerative brakes and wrap around bumpers. Remember all of our Go-Karts come with manual override in case of emergency.
We are fully CRB checked and hold public liability insurance, our karts are designed to keep your child safe and this is our number one priority.

What age group are the parties aimed at?

The Go-Karts are ideally suited to children aged between 4-10 years of age.

How many children can there be at the party?

We can offer the party for up to 24 children although we recommend a minimum of 8 children in order for everyone to get the best experience. Give us a call and we can advise accordingly.

How long does the party last?

This depends on the number of children attending. For up to 16 children, we would suggest an hour and for a larger number it would be approximately an hour and a half. These timings do not include party food/cake celebrations.

What does the party involve?

We have various exciting activities for all the kids. This will involve a safety briefing, getting used to controlling the Go-Karts, manoeuvring between cones, racing with other Go-Karts and of course driving a lap of honour but above all else, making sure they have a great time in the process. Once the activities are finished we give out the driving certificates and winner’s trophy, and don’t worry there’s lots of photo opportunities.

How much space do you need?

The track measures 16m x 11m, although we would need some extra space around the track and it also has an amazing Grand Prix style arch. As the Go-Karts remain totally with the track they do not require any further space. If you are not sure that you have enough space, give us a call and we can go over this and if it makes it easier we will come over in advance and personally check so you are comfortable with your decision before booking.

Do I have to book a venue?

We will arrange this for you but it will depend on availability, so book today! If you already have a venue in mind, please let us know when you get in touch. We are happy to come to you, and have done several parties in peoples gardens. Remember all our Go-Karts work inside or outside.

Do you provide food?

Yes we can do if you require, some of the venues we operate from also provide catering facilities or you can even bring in your own food. If you want us to bring the Party food, then we will happily let you choose from a range of children’s sandwiches which come with a drink and some goodies. For more information, get in touch with us.

Do you provide party invitations?

Every ‘Karts 4 Kids’ party will receive an appropriate number of high quality invitations (click here) to view. These will be provided free of charge once a booking confirmation is received.

What about ‘Party Bags’ etc?

We provide plenty of extras to make the event more memorable. These can include party bags, medals, trophies, F1 style driver’s caps and certificates / driving licenses. Please go to our ‘Optional Extra’ page for a detailed list of what we offer and relevant prices.

How do you keep the other children entertained while they are waiting their turn?

Our parties are designed to entertain every child whether they are in the go-kart or not. The children are divided into sets of four. They cheer on their team mates but also need to complete their ‘Driving Theory Test’ whilst they are waiting. This simply consists of some Driving / Birthday related activities, like a quick word search or a dot to dot (all of which is age specific and great fun). It allows them to finish an activity on the side line very easily but occupies their time whilst waiting for their turn.