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What We Do

The Go-Kart Party is designed to entertain all the children attending from start to finish. All the children are given a safety talk at the beginning of the party, and our trained staff are on hand throughout the party to give any help required. Children usually have 3 – 4 rides on the go-karts, depending on their age and ability. The karts are suitable for children aged 4 – 10 although the upper limit is more to do with the child’s size and we would recommend children should be a maximum of 5 ft in height.

We recommend a maximum of 16 children for a 1 hour party, 24 children for a 1.5 hour party, and 30 children for a 2 hour party. If you do wish to invite more than these numbers, you do need to remember that this will reduce the amount of time each child will have driving the karts.

- The go-kart speed is set according to the age and ability of the child driving.

- 1st drive is to allow the child to become familiar with the controls and gain confidence.

- 2nd drive is their driving test!
We put out cones for them to drive between, reducing the gaps, and providing instructions which allow them to develop their driving skills.

- 3rd drive is all about increasing their speed but keeping them within their ability. Everyone loves the adrenalin of racing against their friends, and even the quieter children enjoy the attention they get when they are first over the winning line.

- 4th drive (time permitting) is about driving to the maximum speed they can go without crashing into the track or each other. The children automatically drive to their best ability as they know they can have their karts slowed down if they crash on purpose.

Once the racing has finished, we sit the children down, and thank the parents for organising the event.

We present the birthday child with their own “Best Driver” Trophy, and all the children receive their “Safe Driving Certificates” for successfully passing their driving test.

The Birthday child has the opportunity to drive 2 – 3 laps of honour on their own, while their friends cheer or sing Happy Birthday.

Finally, there is just enough time to have a photo opportunity with the birthday child and friends under the grand prix arch, showing off their trophy and certificates.

Its then over to Mum & Dad for party food, cake etc.