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Fêtes & Festivals

Fêtes & Festivals

We can attend your school fête and provide rides for the children on a ‘pay per ride’ basis. This will cost the school an initial booking fee of £50 followed by £210 before the event for us to attend your fête for up to 2 hours.  You then charge the kids for individual go kart rides and you keep all monies received.  If your rides are priced correctly and your fête well-advertised, then a steady stream of eager children is sure to follow.

We will need approx. 30 minutes to set up and the same amount of time to pack away. We can set up on grass, indoor in a sports hall or on concrete.

The number of staff you will have to provide to assist is NIL
We have up to date LIABILITY INSURANCE
We have up to date CRB DOCUMENTATION
We have current RISK ASSESSMENT documentation
We have HEALTH & SAFETY DOCUMENTATION which you can view upon request.

Whenever the occasion, wherever the occasion and whatever the occasion, we try and promote our Parties throughout the year. We are always on the lookout for new events; so if you are setting something up, let us know and we can help with the entertainment.

We try and attend as many festivals over the summer months and showcase what we do. They are always lots of fun and the children always come to us first!