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About Us

The inspiration behind ‘Karts 4 Kids’ is my 6 year old.

Having had 5 years’ worth of ‘soft play’ area parties, ‘farm parties’ & various children’s entertainers we wanted something a little different. So we trawled the Internet for ideas & up popped go-kart parties, which sounded exciting and right up my 6 year olds street.

Unfortunately the barrier we came up against, was that a lot of the Go-Kart venues we visited were for older children. Once we realised that there was a chance for younger children to use electric go-karts, we knew that our son would love to celebrate his next birthday driving one of these.

As parents ourselves we know exactly what we want from a party, we all look for something unique, exciting and adventurous. In fact we thought we could use our own experience to start hosting our own parties.

We know the joy we feel when our children are happy so our ultimate aim is to leave the birthday child and their friends with big Cheshire cat smiles on their faces!!